Chapter (3)
~ Creative Direction

At Lexiconic, we utilize our expertise in the fields of fashion, film, design, and popular culture to provide our clients with creative direction that is visually impactful and culturally engaging.

Recognizing that in today’s media landscape brands must deliver content that connects with audiences across multiple platforms in ever-more interactive and memorable ways, Lexiconic offers clients a range of services, from brand activations, traditional media innitiatives, digitally-rich content and video production, as well as packaging, in-store desgin, and immersive installations.

Dior X BMX (videography, Randall Mesdon), 2018

Case Studies






︎ Client 
Ermengildo Zegna  
ad-campaing for launch of Z-Zegna capsule (videography by
Marco Cella), 2018

Dior x BMX           
ad-campaing, branded contet (videography byRandall Mesdon), 2018

︎ Client
Jeffery Rüdes
editorial ad campaign (photography Randall Mesdon; styling
Julie Ragolia), 2017

︎ Client
Jack Spade
packaging, point of sale, and in-store experience

J.Crew x At Large brand activation and partnership